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Tips for Teachers
Here are some recommendations for teachers that will help in using the book.

  1. Use the Lesson Plans provided on this web site.
  2. For younger students you may want to go through the book and highlight the text you want to use. This is recommended for younger students. Some of the text can be left out when reading to younger students, for older students the text is just right. You can maximize the students' experience by doing this. Teachers can use the necessary text according to the sophistication of their students.
  3. You may want to give your students the Pre-Test and Post-Test to see for yourself how well your students benefited from the book. The tests are available on this website.
  4. Many teachers have had great success with having older students read the book to younger students, "Teens for Teachers."
  5. Use the Q & A page at the end of the book. This creates a positive dialogue among the students and teacher.

If you have any other suggestions we would be like to hear about them. Please contact us to share them with us. Thank you.

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