Grade Level 3

Vocabulary Words:

Health - reading a story about smoking and addiction
Language Arts - Letter to tobacco company
Citizenship - discussion on how to stop people from smoking


  1. Give each child one piece of popcorn. Let them eat one piece. When they ask for more tell them they are only going to get that one piece to eat.
  2. After children begin to ask for more, begin a discussion how sometimes there are things a person needs.
  3. Make a list on the board with one side WANTS and the other one NEEDS.
  4. Talk about how people may want things that are not good for them. But they think they need them. This is called an addiction.
  5. Tell them that today they will hear a story about a boy that learns about wants and needs in regards to smoking.
  6. Set the purpose for reading as "Listen to the story and think about what is wrong with smoking and what to do about cigarettes."
During Reading:
  1. Read pages 1 thru 8. Talk about the word Addiction and how it would make people act.
  2. Read page 9. Discuss how smoking affects your health.
  3. Finish reading the story.
After Reading:
  1. Use questions at the end of the story.
  2. Ask students what is wrong with smoking.
  3. Ask for suggestions on trying to stop people from smoking.
  4. Have students write a letter to a tobacco company about what is wrong with smoking and why the company should not try to persuade people to smoke. *Some students may be able to research statistics on the computer about illnesses or deaths related to smoking.