Grade Level 2

Vocabulary Words:

Health - reading a story about smoking and addiction
Art - Poster to Say No!
Citizenship - discussion on alternatives to smoking


  1. Give each child one piece of popcorn. Let them eat one piece. When they ask for more tell them they are only going to get that one piece to eat.
  2. After children begin to ask for more, begin a discussion how sometimes there are things a person needs but they really are things they want. Discuss the difference between wants and needs.
  3. Talk about how people may want things that are not good for them. But they think they need them. This is called an addiction.
  4. Tell them that today they will hear a story about a little boy that learns about something that is not good for him.
  5. Set purpose for reading as "Listen to the story and think about what you would do if someone asked you to try smoking."
During Reading:
  1. Read pages 1 thru 4. What do you know about cigarettes and how they make you sick?
  2. Read pages 5 thru 8. Tell what an addiction is. What are some other things that are addictive?
  3. Read pages 9 thru 10. Has anyone ever tempted you to smoke? What would you do?
  4. Finish reading the story.
After Reading:
  1. Use questions at the end of the story.
  2. Ask students what was in the story that Jimmie could have done instead of smoking cigarettes.
  3. Discuss exactly what you would say if someone tried to get you to try smoking.
  4. Act out scenes where one student tries to persuade another to smoke. Emphasize that students need to be specific in giving reasons. What could smoking do to you? Then give a suggestion about what they could do instead.
  5. Have students design their own poster sending the message to "say no" to smoking. This should include reasons not to as well as something to do instead.