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Our Book
Our Children's book, "Jimmie Boogie Learns About Smoking," is currently being used by various departments of health, schools, and tobacco prevention coalitions to educate children about the prevention of tobacco usage.
"Recommended for Children in Kindergarten through Third grade."
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Jimmie Boogie Learns About Smoking

Our Goal
To prevent as many children as possible from ever smoking that first cigarette, thus avoiding the tobacco tragedy. Through our goal, we hope to prevent the myriad anecdotes of tobacco-related incidents such as the one below...

"I lost my father to a tobacco-related heart attack. It was just 10 days after my 13th birthday... I was home getting ready to go to my Boy Scouts meeting and watching TV when my Mom and I received the phone call that my Dad had just died. He was just 48 when he died. I lost more than just a father because anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad and I lost my Dad."

- Anonymous

Every day I hear painful stories about people killed by tobacco. As grim as these stories are, the statistics are even grimmer: more than 6 million of our children and teenagers who are under the age of 18 today will eventually die from tobacco unless we cut back smoking rates. "Jimmie Boogie Learns About Smoking" can help lower these sad statistics by informing children of the dangers of smoking before they even have a chance to pick up that first cigarette.

Our Company & Our Philosophy
Our company name is derived from Albert Einstein's theory of "Grand Unification," which states, "All things in the universe are connected to each other, interacting together in one grand cosmic dance.

Today, this theory is relative to all of us in our daily lives. Together we can make a positive impact on others and our world of quantum proportions.

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